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Women's Handball League India

Empowering Women Athletes

The Women’s Handball League (WHL) represents a groundbreaking initiative in the Indian sports landscape, providing a dedicated platform for talented female athletes to showcase their skills and passion for handball. This league signifies a commitment to promoting inclusivity and recognizing the growing prominence of women’s sports in India.

Pavna Sports Venture: Paving the Way

Launched by the esteemed Pavna Sports Venture, a subsidiary of the renowned Pavna Industries conglomerate, the WHL is a testament to the organisation’s dedication to innovation and market leadership. With a rich history spanning five decades, Pavna Industries has continuously pushed boundaries and set new standards.

Fostering Grassroots Development

The WHL aims to nurture grassroots talent and create a sustainable ecosystem for the growth of women’s handball in India. By providing opportunities for aspiring athletes to compete at the highest level, the league serves as a catalyst for the development of the sport across the country.

Inspiring Future Generations

Beyond the court, the WHL stands as a beacon of inspiration for young girls and women across India. By showcasing the dedication, determination, and prowess of its athletes, the league aims to break down societal barriers and encourage more women to pursue their dreams in sports.